Tuesday, November 10, 2009

First Day of Driving Phoenix to Tucumcari, NM- Monday

I got some real sleep last night, and I feel generally feel good. My
calves, however, are very soar. I am avoiding steps, even single ones,
as much as possible. Mostly, I am glad that the feeling of total
exhaustion is gone.
We got an early start, so we rearranged hotels to travel farther today
and less on the dreaded long Kansas to Kentucky leg of the trip on
Wednesday. There's no great way to avoid either 3 too long or 4 too
short days. The Motel 6 in Albuquerque canceled with no problem since
we called before 6 (industry standard I thought, at least when we
traveled more a few years back). The independent hotel in Kansas put
Lisa on hold. Or at least tried to put her on hold because Lisa heard
the lady yelling at somebody else for a while. She then angrily told
us that she would let it go this time, but we had better not do it
It's okay to have cancellation policies and even penalties, but I
hadn't considered it a moral issue. I guess first they allowed hotel
reservations to be abrogated, and that led quickly rioting, looting,
and a general breakdown of the social contract. In Kansas they keep it

The picture I sent was the closest I've seen to an urban sombrero
(from Seinfeld), but it wasn't dark enough. It was cheap, but Lisa
said it wouldn't fit in the car. I pointed out that she had a sun
roof so that I could just wear it while driving. She was not
convinced. I'm not sexist, but I think a male traveling companion
would have found a way. And then he would convince me to wear it
around town and to church. Okay, maybe it's for the best. To put it
spiritually, sometimes God doesn't give you what you want because you
sometimes want stupid things. Said by a guy who spent dozens of hours
to cheaply set up a used cell phone to take and send sombrero pictures
from the New Mexican dessert.


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