Thursday, March 25, 2010

Global Transpark: Improved Absorbency For Excess Cash

A word from our sponsor,
 The International Global DanPark: Questionable Investments, Unquestionable Progress.

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: The International Global DanPark's competitor, the Global TransPark, is bleeding red ink.  This could cement the IGDP goal of being the only Global SomethingPark around. But we may be stymied yet.  The state may one day pour enough cash down the toilet to stop it up.  North Carolina knows that more money brings more success, automatically. Also, companies truly desire to set up shop in rural North Carolina, if only they are given enough money to overcome the shortage of views, the presence of more pigs than people, and the lack of economic viability.  More money is like rock in paper/rock/scissors - it always wins.

At the end of day, we don't want to be bitter. So send some money to:

State of North Carolina: Global Transpark Authority
2780 Jetport Road
Kinston, NC 28504-8032

If you don't have the time or postage, just right NCGTP  on your cash and flush it down your own toilet. The government will direct it to the right toilet.  They're very efficient that way. Except they don't take checks or credit cards yet.