Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Vicki in Kansas - Tuesday

Tucumcari to St John passes through NM,TX,OK, and KS with no interstates. It's not necessary. There are stop lights, but it feels like and interstate because there so few cross streets. Most towns we passed were a few blocks long, smaller than the Phoenix airport.

About 2% of the nation's workforce farms for the rest of us and some for-ners too. This is amazing but devastating for the population of the Midwest. It's a shame to have empty business, houses, and churches in one part country with other
parts lacking. But there are still plenty of wonderful people.

We toured the main square, seeing where Vicki's Aunt Vida has owned a building (here name is still there) and where Vicki's sister works. There were not street performs like Indian look-a-likes playing Celine Dion on a wooden flute (AmericaA few blocks away is here childhood home. We met Vicki and her 95-day year old Dad at the grain bins. Where he showed us a tractor. Just the climb up into was a bit difficult to me, and I wasn't sure what I could hold onto amongst all of the gadgets in the John Deere.

We headed back to their house, and we talked as Vicki finished an elaborate dinner with a family recipe mac and cheese, Priba in a Bowl™ named after iconic Oklahoma entertainer and accountant Kevin Priba, and Honeymoon Delight™, an ice cream dish wish I accidentally named in a PG-13 comment at our campus ministry. Yes my honeymoon was better than the cake, but with Lara as a good cook, I get it all.

We had to say our goodbyes to head to Junction City, where we start a long leg to Kentucky tomorrow.

Here are a few pictures from the visit:
Vicki in Kansas


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