Friday, November 13, 2009

Trip Summaries

A link to a Google map of the journey is below. Going west is flying. East is driving. It counts 5100 miles in 7 days.

By Modes of transportation

Lara's car (Greensboro)-->AA Plane (DFW)-->AA plane (PHX)-->Lisa's car (dinner and Clothes Depot for the belt)-->Avis Rental Car (Flagstaff hotel, Grand Canyon)--> On foot hiking (View of the Colorado River)--> Lisa' car (Kansas)--> Vicki' Dad's tractor (briefly)-->Lisa's car--> (Kentucky)-->Budget Rental Car (Durham)-->Durham bus,route 1 then 3 (home from rental car)

So we've got a personal car, rental cars, airplanes, a bus, and lots of hiking

By Location (see Google Map)

Durham-->GSO-->DFW-->PHX-->Flagstaff-->Grand Canyon-->Scottsdale-->Tucumcari, NM-->St John KS via TX and OK-->Junction City, KS-->Richmond,KY via MO, IL, and IN-->Home @ Durham via Knoxville, Wytheville, Winston-Salem-->Budget Car Rental in Durham-->Home

Let's compare that to a normal day: stay at home and a maybe a car ride to McDonald’s and maybe a few minute walk if I'm motivated. I enjoyed the trip, but much recuperation lies ahead.


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