Sunday, December 27, 2009

Turn the tub around, a failure of capitalism and all other modern systems

Take a fun song by Gloria Estefan, a good singer/actress Megan Mullally, some big money, and an excited cast of singers/dancers and you get a dedicated satellite channel (DISH Channel 125, labeled DANCE) and Internet site that lacks excellence in so many ways that it makes you doubt the ability of mankind to create anything of value. We take talent, energy, and money and transmogrify them into a black hole that sucks in our souls. And fills our minds with catchy kitschy tunes that drill themselves into brains. Boring, yet disgusting, yet slightly hypnotic. Kind of a "This smells disgusting - here smell it" moment.

I am referring to Turn the Tub Around, a marketing campaign for I can't believe it's not butter featuring Ms. Mullally singing a song about non-hydrogenated oils and such to the tune of "Turn the Beat Around." I don't know what they have on Mullally and Estafan, some sort of extortion or just a big pile of money, but at some point you have to bite the artistic bullet and say this is not something I want on my resume. I could sink to that level, because I don't have any artistic credentials, and I don't have a big pile of money. They have both, so they can resist.

You can see it at the link below. The links sends you to a Google search, so you can click on the ad at the top and make them pay something for your attention. After you watch it, you'll really want the minutes of your life back, but the knowledge that the tub people had to pay Google a few cents and also a few cents to their bandwidth provider may provide some comfort.

I'm not an artist, so on some level I can't really critique this creation. But I am a human, and I know this whole idea seems rotten, even inhumane. Why are resource committed to what is not even good enough to be a parody of a butter substitute? Couldn't we make a modern remake of the classic "I learned it by watching you" anti-drug commercial from back in the day? Who know how many lives could be changed? Do we need a satellite channel that broadcasts this commercial 24/7 for weeks?

And the idea that I would spend so much time thinking and writing about it is also rotten.

Mr. Gorbachev, tear down this tub!


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